Beluga Caviar 000


The Beluga caviar is distinguished by its absolutely unforgettable flavour due to its fine grains, and a light grey to dark grey colour. Beluga is the biggest fish with the most expensive caviar and the triple ‘000’ indicates that it is the best quality caviar in the world. Its complex and long-lasting flavour is considered the most exclusive treat that you could have.

And of course, traditionally, it is accompanied with fresh mini blinis.

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Ingredientes Caviar 000: Hueva de Beluga. Peso: 30 grs.
Ingredientes mini blinis frescos: Harina de trigo, agua, aceite de girasol, lactosa, proteínas de leche, leche desnatada en polvo, suero de leche en polvo, huevo entero y clara de huevo en polvo, gasificantes: carbonatos de sodio y difosfatos, sal, antioxidante: ácido ascorbico. Peso: 135 grs.

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