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Complete Picnic with everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

With delicious products, drink to choose, extra-large tablecloth, kitchenware, bouquet of flowers and delivery included!

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Your picnic only will contain authentic typical, fresh and delicious local delicacies,
selected by locals.

You will be able to have your picnic ready in the best spots or everywhere in Barcelona without look for somewhere to have a good lunch or dinner. We will be there with all booked in advance, you don’t have to waste your time between visits: you will have a nice break, relaxing and tasting Barcelona flavours.

And of course, we suggest and guide you where to have this wonderful picnic combined with your Barcelona experience!
In the sun, under pines, on the grass or to the beach, in a modernist park, in the spots where locals go… We have this full map and we answer all the question can you have by telephone or email. Please ask us!

Our picnics include delicious food, drinks, the picnic tablecloth and all the necessary utensils to enjoy a magnificent urban picnic. And everything is for you to keep.

You can also order us by phone or email.
And if you want, we also personalize it.

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In the sun, under pines, on the grass or to the beach, in a modernist park, in the spots where locals go… We take care of everything: we have carefully selected delicious products and you will have them with everything needed in order that you enjoy only!

If you want to enjoy the city from another point of view and live an unforgettable experience, go for a walk with us: Choose a place from the various types of parks and gardens depending on the origin, history, and also on its scenic and botanic interest, where you will find small charming corners or full of history where we, locals of Barcelona, spend our leisure moments in the open air.
Rediscover the city!