Menu Nº 1 – InCity


Sandwich to choose between:

Exquisite black bread with fresh cheese and chicken, mixed salad and tomato.

Bread of raisins and spinach with goat cheese and baked zucchini, mixed salad and tomato.

Bagel bread with smoked salmon and cream cheese, lollo rosso lettuce, cherry tomatoes and dill.

Black truffle chips.

Steamed brioches of green tea and blueberries.




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11,50 19,00  (VAT incl.)


Els preus mostrats són per persona / Los precios mostrados son por persona / The prices shown are per person (min. 2 persons) *
Menu 1 InCity

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The photos are simply an idea of presentation. The products are seasonal, and are subject to change depending on the market. If they change, we will replace them with other products of similar category.