What is Picnic! Picnic!?

It is a full picnic service, which includes all of the kitchenware and delicious food for your enjoyment. Much more than just a meal, it’s an experience which combines fun, fresh air and quality cuisine in Barcelona: That’s Picnic! Picnic!

How does it work?

Choose in two easy steps how you want to have your Picnic experience.

In the first step you choose your Picnic Basket. These Baskets contain kitchenware only and have different options according to your preference. In this first step you will also reserve the amount of people, the date, place and delivery time.

In the second step you choose a Picnic Menu, where you select whatever you fancy amongst our delicious dishes, select the drink you want and even compliment it with the exquisite à la carte products. Remember that you can also create your own menu with the products you like most.

Third step… Enjoy your day!

What are the differences between the Picnic Baskets? What do they include?

We have thought about everything you’ll need and therefore give you various options to choose from:

The Grab & Go Picnic Basket is for those who love their freedom: We deliver it in any location you want in Barcelona city, around Barcelona city or if you prefer, we will take it to one of our pick-up points and you can choose where, how and when to enjoy it. You don’t have to give anything back and it’s light and easy to carry, so you can take it wherever you wish. All is yours to keep.

Like all of our Picnic Baskets, it includes a complimentary and great cotton bag with our shiny Picnic! heart. To see everything the pack includes, click here.

Plus Picnic Basket is a mix of comfort, style and freedom. This basket offers kitchenware to rent and disposable kitchenware, including items which make your experience that bit more comfortable, such as cushions, waterproof blanket, mosquito net, etc. We deliver it in any location you want in Barcelona city, around Barcelona city or if you prefer, we will bring it to one of our pick-up points and you can choose where to enjoy it. Later on, when you’ve finished, you must hand back the rented kitchenware to one of our delivery/pick-up points. For this pack you need to give a deposit of €30 which will be given back to you once you have returned the items and we’ve checked them.

Like all of our Picnic Baskets, it includes a complimentary and great cotton bag with our shiny Picnic! heart. To see everything the pack includes, click here.

Luxury Picnic Basket is ideal for those who love luxury or for those who want to celebrate something special in style. This basket includes kitchenware and a full cutlery set, making your picnic a unique and unforgettable experience. We do all the work: we bring it and set it up wherever you prefer so that when you arrive it is all ready. According to the time you have chosen, when you have finished your picnic we will come and pick it up so that up so that you don’t have to ‘lift a finger’. Once you have bought it we will contact you to arrange the details (where and what you would like) so that it is exactly as you imagined. This basket requires a deposit of €100 which will be returned to you once we have checked it that day.

Like all of our Picnic Baskets, it includes two complimentary and great cotton bags with our shiny Picnic! heart. To see everything the pack includes, click here.

All the Baskets are for a minimum of 2 people. If there will be more of you, you need simply indicate this to us in the corresponding section to receive kitchenware for everybody.

Where and when is it delivered?

We deliver it in any location you want in Barcelona or around: your address, to an office, hotel, park, beach… It’s really no problem, we do all the work! When choosing your Picnic Basket, you just need to let us know in the “Delivery” section A location in Barcelona city / around Barcelona city and specify the address at the end of your purchase.

Furthermore, if you prefer, we deliver every hour between 12 and 9 pm, at our strategically selected key delivery/pick-up points so you can get to many interesting places quickly and easily, on foot or by public transport (see map of Delivery points and areas). When you choose your Picnic Basket you will see which days are available to reserve on the calendar.


Delivery Pricing
In our distribution points: 0 €
Wherever you want in Barcelona city: 3€ for purchases up to 100€. From this amount: + 3 € each 50€ purchase.
Wherever you want in the surroundings of Barcelona: 4€ for purchases up to 100€. From this amount: +4€ each 50€ purchase.

What is the “Delivery points and areas” page for?

We strongly recommend visiting this page to choose where you would like your Picnic.

Here you will find the location of the delivery and pick-up points, the delivery area, information on the parks recommended by our team with descriptions, photos, how to get there and how long it takes from the delivery points, where there is grass, pine trees, shade, pools, beaches, activities and much more… It also has a very interesting section with a detailed description of the best parks to have Picnics.

Everything you need to enjoy your Picnic! Picnic! experience to the maximum!

I want to do something special… as a surprise, for a birthday, proposing to my partner, an event... a wedding, a communion…

Perfect! Just get in touch with us and we’ll prepare everything so that it’s just as you imagined! Click here.

Why a Picnic Menu?

We take care of everything: creating a long list of products which combine tradition, maximum quality and freshness, we have prepared menus for every preference. In all of them you will find an explosion of flavours that blend together to create perfection.

The number of people in the menus is approximate, you will probably have more than sufficient food and will be able to include more guests. And all our drinks include a whole bottle every two people, we do not let anyone stay with thirst while enjoying a picnic under the sun!

Why doesn't the calendar allow me to create an order for today?

We like planning! To give you the best service possible, to not overcrowd our city’s parks and beaches, and to provide you with you the freshest, best quality products, we work in advance to managing our resources in the best way possible. Because of this you can place your order until 7 pm.

Can I add individual products to my Picnic Menu?

Of course. You only need to add more products to your order. The delivery and pick-up time will be the same for the whole order.

Can I customise my experience even more?

Yes, and how! We invite you to see our available products and services, which will complement your special and sunny day! Visit our accessory section! 

Can I just buy Picnic Basket only?

Yes, of course, you can bring your own food and/or drink from home.

Can I buy Picnic Basket with just food / drink?

Yes of course. You can order just food, just drinks, bring your food from home, bring your drinks from home…. Whatever you like!

I want to have a dinner, I'm leaving the city for the weekend… Can I return the Plus Picnic Basket the following day?

Yes, of course! If you want to enjoy this basket for a full day (for dinner, after the last pick-up point closes or because you want to take it for the weekend), you have all of the pick-up points to return it the following day without an additional cost. Just make sure you let us know in the “Notes” section when finishing your purchase, send us an email at or call us by telephone.

I've arrived late, can I pick it up the following hour?

Yes, of course, contact us sending an e-mail to or call our central office by telephone +34 93 390 50 88.

What if it rains?

Filter through our Delivery points and areas section to find available picnic points for rainy days. We can also save it until the day after and remember that you can cancel your order up to 24 hours before the date selected. In both cases send us an email on

What if something happens or I change plans? Can I cancel my order?

Of course! You can cancel up to 24 hours before. Contact us on

What about allergies?

Don’t worry! You can ask what each product contains on the section for each product. The ingredients are distributed by the product providers and we will not be held responsible in the case of food-related incidents. In any case, if you are allergic and you have doubts regarding any product, don’t eat it. Your health and wellbeing comes first!

Do you have any more questions?

Contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible!